Friday, April 24, 2015

Queen - Man On The Prowl - Guitar Cover with guitar tab

Queen Man On The Prowl Guitar Cover with on screen chords and guitar tab

Based on G  C  D chord progression and in the key of G

Following "It's a Hard Life" is "Man on the Prowl", a three-chord rockabilly Mercury composition (similar to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love") in which Mandel plays the piano ending. Note that "Tear It Up", "It's a Hard Life", "Is This The World We Created...?" and this song are free of synthesisers. May played the solo using a Fender Telecaster. This was planned as the fifth and final single from the album, with a provisional release date of 19 November 1984,[6] and promotional copies were indeed pressed (QUEEN 5) and sent out (b/w "Keep Passing the Open Windows"), but the band opted for a Christmas single ("Thank God It's Christmas").

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Monday, April 13, 2015

I Can Hear Music - Freddie Mercury - Guitar Cover with chords

Larry Lurex aka Freddie Mercury of Queen - I Can Hear Music guitar cover with on screen chords

I can Hear Music & Goin’ back.These songs were recorded during Summer 73 by Freddie,Roger and Brian to kill time when they were waiting for any available studio to work at their debut album. A Trident producer Robin Cable was working at this Beach boy song and thought Freddie’s voice was perfect for that song.Goin’ Back was an old Goffin & King song.

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