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Queen A Day At The Races Album Review

Queen A Day At The Races Album Review 

Released 10 December 1976 Queens fifth studio album.

The follow up album to A Night At The Opera And really could have been a double album 

Tie Your Mother Down kicks the album off. Not a big hit in the charts but still a firm favourite with Queen fans

You Take My Breath Away follows a typical piano ballad by Freddie Mercury which only he could do.

Long Away played on Burns 12 String Guitar and sang by Brian May is a brilliant song though failed in the charts in the US

The Millionaire Waltz about John Reid is quite brilliant with lots of twists and turns and some very good guitar work by Brian.

You and I which was a b side to Tie Your Mother Down was John Deacons Song which gives a nice feel to the album.

Side two begins with the biggest hit from the album Somebody To Love which reached number two in the U.K. charts stopped only by Shawaddywaddy 

White Man follows which is a song about native Indians 

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy follows which was a hit and played by Queen on top of the Pops 

Drowse is Rogers song with Brian May on slide guitar and is one of my favourite Roger songs

The album ends with the amazing Teo Torriatte dedicated to the Japanese Queen fans 

Video by James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

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Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Trailer #2 Reaction

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Trailer #2 Reaction

The new trailer for the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie was released today with lots of new footage to give us clues as to what’s in the film

The Live Aid scenes look quite amazing we see Brian May And John Deacon with cello bowes on their guitars possibly playing Death OnTwo Legs. The band with Kazoos as they must be recording Seaside Rendezvous as well as experimenting with speakers.
We see Mike Myers as Norman Sheffield who looks the villain 

One possible discrepancy is Brian May explaining We Will Rock You to a short haired Freddie Mercury with moustache which doesn’t fit the time line

There’s also a line at end where Freddie questions how much time he has. Read into that what you will

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Queen Sheer Heart Attack Album Review

Queen - Sheer Heart Attack Album Review 

Queens 3rd album released 8th November 1974. Which meany in a Year Queen had released 3 albums.
If Queen II had created a mythical sound scape the Sheet]r Heart Attack delivers another aspect. That of personality humour and musical diversity. 
Th First track Brighton Rock starts with fair ground noises and someone whistles I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside which links it to the end of Queen II with Seven Seas Of Rhye Ending. The Brian May guitar solo is nothing short of epic and is still played live today.
Killer queen gave them a No2 Hit in uk charts and a spot on Top Of The Pops 
Tenement Funster one of Roger Taylor’s finest Queen songs to date.
Flick Of The Wrist was a double A Side with Killer Queen but never for the deserved attention.
Lily of the Valley a short but lovely little ballad 
Now I’m Here gave Queen another hit with this rocker which saw Brian May record the guitsr while I’ll in hospital.

Side two kicks off the In The Lap Of athe Gods not to be mixed up with the Revisited Version at end of album.
Stone Cold Crazy is a fire cracker of a song actually covered by the mighty Metallica in the 90s.
Dear Friends is a beautiful but sad little tune before going into Misfire which was John Deacons first Queen song
Bring Back Leroy Brown a humourus vaudeville song featuring George Formby Ukulele Banjo
She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) a Brian May song with heavy breathing and police sirens at the end.
Finishes off with In The Lap Of The God’s Revisited And Try Classic which should have been a single and played live throughout Queens live shows 
Brilliant album and one of Queens finest 

Brighton Rock being played at The London Olympics 

Video by James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

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Queen II Album Review - Voted Favourite Album by Queen Fans

Queen II Album Review 

Queen II album released on March 8 1974 was second album by Queen.

album cover by Mick Rock and visual inspiration for the Bohemian Rhapsody music video.

Voted Queen Fans Favourite Album

Still a lesser known Queen album but a favourite among Queen fans. Queen II spawned Queens first top ten hit Seven Seas Of Rhye.

The album is divided into a white side and a black side. The first side is made up of Procession a Brian May instrumental multi guitar track which is quite regal and Elizabethan sets the mood of the Album.

Father and Son follows running into White Queen As It Began Another Brian May written track inspired by Robert Graves mythological book The White Godess.

Some Day One Day is an acoustic track sang by Brian May and features the hairfred guitar with chiselled bridge to give a sitar sound. Loser In The End is the only Roger Taylor track on the album.

The black side kicks off with Ogre Battle a Freddie Mercury written track which is a for runner to thrash and speed metal. Probably Queens heaviest ever song.

The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke inspired by The Richard Dadd painting tellers the story of all the characters in the painting 

 Nevermore is a beautiful short piano ballad by Freddie before merging into March Of The Black Queen in my opinion the best track on the album and most complex of arrangements.

Funny How Love Is was recorded using the Phil Spectre Wall of Sound technique by Robin Cable who’s also recorded Freddie singing I Can Hear Music

Last but not least in Seven Seas Of Rhye which was Queens first hit.

See What A Fool I’ve Been was a B- Side which didn’t feature on the album but was later included on the bonus disc.

Video by James Rundle of Rock Licks Guitar Tuition in South Shields

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Queen 1973 Debut Album Review - Greatest Debut Album You’ve Never Heard

Queen 1973 Debut Album Review

Released on July 13 1973 Queens debut album dubbed the greatest Debut album you’ve never heard didn’t Chart until 1976. After the success of the number one single Bohemian Rhapsody.

The recording of the album was plagued with problems. Recorded during down time and having to re record many of the tracks at the request of producer Roy Thomas Baker.

High points of the album are definitely Keep Yourself Alive which failed to chart due to no air play on radio. Also Liar and Great King Rat.

Other songs on the album are My Fairy King, The Night Comes Down, Jesus, Modern Times Rock N Roll, Son And Daughter as well as a short instrumental track Seven Seas Of Rhye which appeared I full on Queen II the following year.

Other songs of the time which didn’t appear on he album were Polar Bear, Silver Salmon And Hangman which is rumoured to have a studio recording. Mad The Swine whichnwas meant to be the fourth track on the album was left off due to lack of quality with the percussion. This song didn’t appear until 1991 as a B Side on the 12 inch version of Headlong

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Who Wants To Live Forever Queen Classical Guitar

Above James Rundle plays Who Wants To Live Forever On Classical Guitar 
Below Guitar tab notes used in the video