Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Queen 1973 Debut Album Review - Greatest Debut Album You’ve Never Heard

Queen 1973 Debut Album Review

Released on July 13 1973 Queens debut album dubbed the greatest Debut album you’ve never heard didn’t Chart until 1976. After the success of the number one single Bohemian Rhapsody.

The recording of the album was plagued with problems. Recorded during down time and having to re record many of the tracks at the request of producer Roy Thomas Baker.

High points of the album are definitely Keep Yourself Alive which failed to chart due to no air play on radio. Also Liar and Great King Rat.

Other songs on the album are My Fairy King, The Night Comes Down, Jesus, Modern Times Rock N Roll, Son And Daughter as well as a short instrumental track Seven Seas Of Rhye which appeared I full on Queen II the following year.

Other songs of the time which didn’t appear on he album were Polar Bear, Silver Salmon And Hangman which is rumoured to have a studio recording. Mad The Swine whichnwas meant to be the fourth track on the album was left off due to lack of quality with the percussion. This song didn’t appear until 1991 as a B Side on the 12 inch version of Headlong

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