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Queen Under Pressure Guitar Tab & Lesson

Please note I’ve simplified the picking of main guitar instead of alternate picking 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Top Ten Freddie Mercury Solo Songs You Haven’t Heard

10 Best Solo Freddie Mercury Songs People Have Never Heard

Time original version

Exercise In Free Love 

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

In My Defence

Let’s Turn It On

Living On My Own

Man Made Paradise

Goin Back

I Can Hear Music

Mr Bad Guy Original Version

Also check out 

My Love Is Dangerous

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Brian May Guitar Workshop Lessons

Brian May Guitar Workshop Lessons 

Limited Spaces Available Email 


1. Spend day with me learning Queen songs

2. Spend day learning songs via Skype 

3. 10 Skype Guitar Lessons 

4. 10 Personal Video Lessons Emailed To You 

To sign up 

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Brian May Red Special Guitar Pick Up Selector Switch Guide

Brian May Red Special Guitar Pick Up Selector Switch Guide 

Bridge & Middle Pickups

In Phase (Humbucker Tone)

We Will Rock You ~ Hammer To Fall ~ One Vision ~ Tie Your Mother Down ~ Now I’m Here ~ Bo Rhap (Main Riff)

Fat Bottomed Girls ~ Bijou ~ I Want It All (Main Riff) ~ Seven Seas Of Rhye ~ The Show Must Go On (Solo) ~ 

Who Wants To Live Forever

Clean Tones (Turn Volume Down)

Under Pressure ~ Save Me ~ Mother Love ~ White Queen ~ In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited (Live) ~ 

We Are The Champions ~ The Show Must Go On ~

Bridge & Middle Pickups

Out Of Phase (Crunchy Tone) 

Acoustic Tones (Turn Volume Down)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

Neck & Middle Pickups

Out Of Phase (Screaming Tone)

Solos: Bo Rhap ~ We Are The Champions ~ Somebody To Love ~ Dragon Attack ~ Put Out The Fire ~ March Of The Black Queen ~ Save Me ~ A Kind Of Magic (Live) ~ White Queen ~ I Want It All ~ One Vision ~

Neck & Middle Pickups

In Phase (CelloTone)

Spread Your Wings ~ Love Of My Life (alt tone knob) ~ Don’t Stop Me Now ~ Play The Game 

Bridge Pickup

(Woman Tone) rich slightly muffled 

Middle Pickup

White Man ~ If You Can’t Beat Them 

Neck Pickup

(Rounded Tone) Ideal for blues 

Killer Queen (Solo) ~ Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Solo) ~ Keep Yourself Alive (Live Solo)

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

In Phase (Thick Full Bodied Tone)

You Take My Breath Away ~ These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Neck Out Of Phase (Rickenbacker Tone Funky)

Another One Bites The Dust ~ Live Killers Medley ~ A Winters Tale ~

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Middle Out Of Phase (Bread & Butter Tone) Rarely Used 

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Bridge Out Of Phase (Violin Tone)

Neck & Bridge Pickups

In Phase 

I Want To Break Free (Live Solo) ~ Brighton Rock ~

Neck & Bridge Pickups

Out Of Phase 

Keep Yourself Alive ~ Stone Cold Crazy ~ Ogre Battle ~ Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Live Solo) ~ Liar ~ 

Death On Two Legs (Rhythm)

List complied from information from Brian May Guitars ~ Mike Ryde ~ Brian May AmpliTube 

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Ik Multimedia AmpliTube Brian May

Amazing new software by AmpliTube to recreate the sounds of Brian May 

11 new models are included, including Vox AC30-inspired combos, May’s compact ‘Deacy’ amp, plus a trio of cabinets: models of 2x12 Vox AC30s with Celestion Alnico Blue or G12H Anniversary speakers, and a 1x6 Deacy cab.

A range of stompboxes are onboard, too, including May Wah, Fox Phaser, Treble Booster and even a pedal dedicated to capturing the sound of the Red Special, offering its unique control capabilities to any guitarist.

Thankfully, there’s also a built-in noise gate, the Star Gate, to tame the hiss of those heavily boosted AC30 models.

A discography of tones have been assembled for the package by Jamie Humphries, guitarist for the stage production of We Will Rock You, while each sound boasts IK’s Dynamic Interaction Modelling to capture the sound of every component in the circuit.

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50 Best Queen Songs Voted For By You

50 Best Queen Songs Voted For By You

This list is compiled by Classic Rock Magazine Queen The Complete Story Magazine 

Queen were the only band where all four members Freddie Mercury Brian May John Deacon and Roger Taylor wrote hit songs 

Top 40

Bicycle Race 

The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke 

Dragon Attack 


The Millionaire Waltz

Now I’m Here

I’m In Love With My Car

Teo Toriatte 

Stone Cold Crazy

I was Born To Love You 

It’s A Hard Life 

White Queen As It Began

Death On Two Legs Dedicated To


Keep Yourself Alive

Brighton Rock

You take My Breath Away

Seven Seas Of Rhye 

Princes Of The Universe

One Vision

A Kind Of Magic

Too Much Love Will Kill You 

Tie Your Mother Down

Save Me


It’s Late

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

You’re My Best Friend

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Spread Your Wings

I Want It All

The Prophets Song

Hammer To Fall

Another One Bites The Dust 

We Will Rock You

Fat Bottomed Girls

The March Of The Black Queen 

We Are The Champions 

Radio Ga Ga 

I Want To Break Free


Under Pressure 

Killer Queen

Who Wants To Live Forever 

Love Of My Life

The Show Must Go On

Somebody To Love

Don’t Stop Me Now

Bohemian Rhapsody

Notice absences are

In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited 

Long Away

Friends Will Be Friends

I’m Going Slightly Mad

Made In Heaven 

Heaven For Everyone 

Is This The World We Created

Las Palabras De Amour

Play The Game 

Was It All Worth It