Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Brian May Red Special Guitar Pick Up Selector Switch Guide

Brian May Red Special Guitar Pick Up Selector Switch Guide 

Bridge & Middle Pickups

In Phase (Humbucker Tone)

We Will Rock You ~ Hammer To Fall ~ One Vision ~ Tie Your Mother Down ~ Now I’m Here ~ Bo Rhap (Main Riff)

Fat Bottomed Girls ~ Bijou ~ I Want It All (Main Riff) ~ Seven Seas Of Rhye ~ The Show Must Go On (Solo) ~ 

Who Wants To Live Forever

Clean Tones (Turn Volume Down)

Under Pressure ~ Save Me ~ Mother Love ~ White Queen ~ In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited (Live) ~ 

We Are The Champions ~ The Show Must Go On ~

Bridge & Middle Pickups

Out Of Phase (Crunchy Tone) 

Acoustic Tones (Turn Volume Down)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

Neck & Middle Pickups

Out Of Phase (Screaming Tone)

Solos: Bo Rhap ~ We Are The Champions ~ Somebody To Love ~ Dragon Attack ~ Put Out The Fire ~ March Of The Black Queen ~ Save Me ~ A Kind Of Magic (Live) ~ White Queen ~ I Want It All ~ One Vision ~

Neck & Middle Pickups

In Phase (CelloTone)

Spread Your Wings ~ Love Of My Life (alt tone knob) ~ Don’t Stop Me Now ~ Play The Game 

Bridge Pickup

(Woman Tone) rich slightly muffled 

Middle Pickup

White Man ~ If You Can’t Beat Them 

Neck Pickup

(Rounded Tone) Ideal for blues 

Killer Queen (Solo) ~ Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Solo) ~ Keep Yourself Alive (Live Solo)

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

In Phase (Thick Full Bodied Tone)

You Take My Breath Away ~ These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Neck Out Of Phase (Rickenbacker Tone Funky)

Another One Bites The Dust ~ Live Killers Medley ~ A Winters Tale ~

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Middle Out Of Phase (Bread & Butter Tone) Rarely Used 

Neck Middle & Bridge Pickups

Bridge Out Of Phase (Violin Tone)

Neck & Bridge Pickups

In Phase 

I Want To Break Free (Live Solo) ~ Brighton Rock ~

Neck & Bridge Pickups

Out Of Phase 

Keep Yourself Alive ~ Stone Cold Crazy ~ Ogre Battle ~ Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Live Solo) ~ Liar ~ 

Death On Two Legs (Rhythm)

List complied from information from Brian May Guitars ~ Mike Ryde ~ Brian May AmpliTube 

Additional Links https://shop.brianmayguitars.co.uk/brian-may-guitars-switch-settings.html


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