Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Violins - Roger Taylor - Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

How to play No Violins from Roger Taylor's solo album Fun In Space

In this video we look at how to strum and play this track on acoustic guitar.

Fun in Space is the debut album by English musician Roger Taylor, released on 18 April 1981 in the UK and 9 May in the US. The album peaked at number 18 in the British charts, while it performed poorly upon its US release.

The album was recorded in between legs of Queen's tours for The Game and Flash Gordon albums. Taylor wrote, produced, sang and performed all of the songs himself.

The albums credits state "P.P.S. 157 synthesizers", a joke referring to Queen's usual statement of "No synthesisers".

"Future Management" was issued as a single in Europe while "Let's Get Crazy" was released in the US. The album was re-released as a digitally remastered CD in 1996.

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