Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Cross - Liar - Guitar Play Along - Chords (Queen Roger Taylor) Lesson

The Cross - Liar - Roger Taylor of Queen fronted this band in the late 80's and early 90's and the song was written by Peter Noone their bass player

In this video I play guitar along with the song. Added Guitar Chords and Lyrics to the screen to make learning the track easier

Mad; Bad; and Dangerous to Know was the second album released by The Cross, appearing in 1990. Unlike the previous album, which contained some dance influences, this one is a straight rock album. This was the first album to which each member of the band contributed, though Roger Taylor's contribution was considerably smaller because he was busy promoting The Miracle.[citation needed] Unusually, (Clayton Moss) sang lead vocals on one track, instead of Taylor.

Like Shove it, the album sold poorly and EMI Records decided to drop them so they had no label anymore in the UK.

In Germany, a limited box set (only 50 were made) was released which contained a CD single, video, stickers and press information

Roger Taylor - lead & backing vocals, guitar

Spike Edney - keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals

Clayton Moss - lead guitar, backing vocals (lead vocals on "Better Things")

Peter Noone - bass guitar, backing vocals

Josh Macrae - drums, percussion, backing vocals

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