Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Queen - Stone Cold Crazy - Guitar Play Along with Guitar Tab

Queen - Stone Cold Crazy - Guitar Play Along with Guitar Tab

from the 1974 Sheer Heart Attack Queen album.

"Stone Cold Crazy" is a song by English rock band Queen from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack.[6] The song is the eighth track on the album. Although the song was not released as a single at the time, it was played live at almost every Queen concert from 1974 to 1978.[7][8][9][10] "Stone Cold Crazy" also features on the band's 1992 compilation album, Classic Queen.[11]

The song credit is shared between all the members of the band, although Freddie Mercury played it with his band Wreckage in the late 1960s before Queen was created. The recorded version may be lyrics from Mercury and music from Brian May. It was the first song Queen performed live in 1970, but it underwent many changes musically and lyrically before getting recorded, resulting in credit going to the entire band. Early versions of the song were much slower, according to the band, although no bootlegs exist.

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