Friday, April 3, 2020

Freddie Mercury The Last Goodbye


  1. Freddie was not "their leader", but their lead singer!

  2. I wish they would put an album together of all the songs left off other albums. So much left to hear that’s collecting dust. Maybe some day, one day!
    Fan since 75 and a proud Queenie!! ❤️❤️

  3. That video was brilliant! Freddie's acting, every single bit clung together beautifully. The editing was superb. Every facial expression perfect for it's task. Freddie showed the world, with the extreme help of his faithful, talented bandmates (especially the writing of Brian May), a broader talent than he had the chance to show again. This once will indelibly stay in my mind, to be watched over and over. I delight every time I see and feel how exquisite it is in its entirety, feel pleased to see the expressions on faithful friend John Deacon's face, watch again the couch scene surely rehearsed an near-intolerable amount of times. This is a piece that touches me even more than the music itself. That music, I must say, is just as Brian May said in this interview. Thank you, Brian! Thank you Roger and John for working so hard for Freddie's last hurrah! Bless you for keeping his wish until which time Freddie was willing & choosing to tell the story his way. I can't complete this comment as I'd like. If you watch and listen, he'll tell the story his way. If only it weren't his last. That's life on this earth, though, it doesn't go on forever, no matter how great the song!