Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brian May Star Licks Video and Booklet pdf

"Brian May, founder of Queen, and one of rock's finest guitarists, has set standards of excellence throught his carrer. Always the innovator, Brian has contributed greatly to the success of the band and has influenced countless other musicians in the process. Few have been able to emulate the unique Brian May guitar sytle, which has become such recognizeable contribution to the Queen sound"  
"The Brian May Package. Brian explains in depth, how he creates "The Queen sound" by taking you on a complete run-through of his equipment. This features his guitar (the fireplace), amplifieres (VOX AC 30's), and effects (each individually demonstrated). In adition to all this, Brian takes you step by step through a fantastic selection of his hottest licks and solos, featuring material from 11 different Queen albums. Each example is played twice, once regularly and once slowly. During this incredible 45 minute tape, you'll learn to play the licks and solos from such songs as "Brighton Rock", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Tie Your Mother Down", "Dragon Attack", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", and many more. And finally, your tape would not be complete without spending a few minutes on harmony soloing, which Brian discusses and demonstates at the conclusion of the tape. This is truly a unique opportunity for you to recive a "Private Guitar Lesson" from one of today's foremost guitarist, whose musical contributions have spanned over a decade of popular rock music."  
·Little intro solo.  
·Brian introduce himself and start to give an idea of the equipment.  
·Good explanation of the pickups way to work, all this playing a little piece which is a modification of the "It's Late" guitar intro.  
·Trebble Booster explanation.  
·Pick and Boss Chorus pedal.  
·Delays, playing Brighton Rock Solo (part of)  
In a little book that comes with the video there's a serie of Queen guitar solo,in normal score and also with an easy-part to read. First is show the orgianl record, then Brian explain a little of equipment or pickups, then play the lick in normal speed and then in "learning" speed. Aprox. time of the original record is showed.  
·Lick 1 "Liar" solo  
·Lick 2 "Modern Times Rock'n'Roll" solo  
·Lick 3 "Jesus" solo-scale  
·Lick 4 "Father To Son"  
·Lick 5 "March Of The Black Queen"  
·Lick 6 "March Of The Black Queen"  
·Lick 7 "Brighton Rock"  
·Lick 8 "Bohemian Rhapsody" 1st solo  
·Lick 9 "Tie Your Mother Down" solo, before slide  
·Lick 10 "Sombody To Love" solo  
·Lick 11 "It's Late"  
·Lick 12 "Dead On Time" The complete solo but in two separate parts  
·Lick 13 "Dead On Time"  
·Lick 14 "Dragon Attack"  
·Lick 15 "Put Out The Fire"  
·Lick 16 "It's A Hard Life", not exactly, Brian shows what he would have liked to play in the original record  
·Lick 17 "Star Fleet" The scales going up, explain the two guitar, Eddie Van Halen's and his.  
·Lick 18 "Love Of My Life" Played with the Red Special, very interesting. Like in the original record Brian doesn't play the same as he does live, and this version is the live one. Here the time is from the "Live At Wembley '86" version. 
·Lick 19 "Keep Yourself Alive" All Intro.  
·Lick 20 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" All solo, but without the Telecaster (1:19-1:34)  
·Again a expanation of the delays, playing the slow part of Brighton Rock Solo.  

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