Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rare Queen Tracks - Sandbox

This is an instrumental track, featuring lots of piano, bass and drums, but no guitar, and only occasional ad-libbed vocals from Freddie. It was recorded in 1979 during sessions for 'The Game', some sources list it as an early version of 'Coming Soon' but it is different enough to be considered a separate track altogether. It could well have originated from Freddie or John as the piano and bass are quite dominant; as there is no guitar at all it is probably fair to say that Brian's involvement was minimal, at least at that stage. The track is very fast paced, and it is possibly the best unreleased demo around; as it is, it's an amazing track, but with guitar and proper vocals from Freddie, it could be unbeatable. MP3's of the track originate from the Queen fan club convention and so feature Greg Brooks saying "Property Of Queen Productions" throughout, although there are variations which edit this out by repeating parts of the original, lasting 2:41. Length 3:00.

The above track is a cleaned up edit removing the Greg Brooks voice

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