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Queen - Killer Queen Video Reaction & Facts

Queen - Killer Queen Video Reaction & Facts

Queen Killer Queen Top Of The Pops 1974 video

Queen Killer Queen Dutch TV video

Killer Queen Songfacts

Killer Queen released in October 1974 was from Queen album Sheer Heart Attack. Stopped by David Essex song I'm Gonna Make You A Star from being number One.

It was the 3rd single by Queen and saw them make headway in America with this song.
Brilliantly crafted and a move away from the heavy sound of Queen II

We watch the top of the pops version from December 1974 which is the famous performance with Freddie wearing Fur coat. We see Rami Malek wearing the same coat in the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie trailer.

Then we watch the Dutch TV version recorded in November 1974. Watching the Dutch version makes you realize how good the BBC recording actually is. The band in Holland look a little uncomfortable on stage miming. With Roger behind a tiny drum kit and Brian play an uncharacteristic Fender Stratocaster. Still nice to watch as part of Queen history and there's many famous photos of the band from this visit to Holland

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